On 01/02/2010 01:56 PM, Yangkook Kim wrote:
Hi, Group,

I am wondering why we have /sys/class/iscsi_connection for iscsi connection
in sysfs filesystem.

I understand that the one or more iscsi connection form a single iscsi session
and, in this sense, iscsi connection subordinates to iscsi session.
Then, it more makes sense if we have iscsi_connection/ under iscsi_session/.

Ex. /sys/class/iscsi_session/iscsi_connection/connectionXX:0


Sorry for the late reply.

We sort of have that. The reason we have
/sys/class/iscsi_connection and then
/sys/class/iscsi_session is due to how the kernel APIs work. For them we are using transport classes and classes (see the kernel file scsi_transport_iscsi.c), and this is just how they get laid out. We could have just made the iscsi_connection a struct with a kobject and then added that directly under the session, but at the time people did not like the idea of messing with kobjects directly.

So if you look in the iscsi_session dir


abort_tmo          ifacename            password      tpgt
data_pdu_in_order  immediate_data       password_in   uevent
data_seq_in_order  initial_r2t          power         username
device             initiatorname        recovery_tmo  username_in
erl                lu_reset_tmo         state
fast_abort         max_burst_len        subsystem
first_burst_len    max_outstanding_r2t  targetname

there is a device dir/link. When you follow that you see

[r...@max session1]# cd device/
[r...@max device]# ls
connection1:0  iscsi_session  power  target6:0:0  uevent

how the connection is below the session1. So sort of what you would expect but there is that device dir/link due to us using the classes/transport_classes which use device structs instead f kobjects directly.

Can anybody give me an explanation?


I also thought that connectionXX:0 is misleading. XX is supposed to be where
iscsi session number is put after binding connection and session.

I did not get what you mean here. The XX is the session number.
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