On 01/12/2010 06:51 PM, Jack Z wrote:
Hi group,

The iSCSI disk just stops showing up on my computer.

I'm using open-iscsi again iSCSI Enterprise Target (IET).

When I do

$ iscsiadm -m node T<Target>  -p<Portal>  --login

everything is fine and the login is always "successful".  I also
checked the records in IET, which show the login is successful as

However I just can't see the iscsi device any more... It used to be /
dev/sdb after the login process. Now there's only /dev/sda, which is
the local disk, under /dev which resembles a /dev/sdX style.

$ fdisk -l

does not show the iSCSI disk either...

The OS is Ubuntu 9.04 desktop and open-iscsi version is "2.0-871". The
IET version is 0.4.16.

Could you send the ietd.conf and /var/log/messages for the target when you start it up and login? And could you send the /var/log/messages for the initiator when you login?
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