Hannes Reinecke wrote:
Mike Christie wrote:
On 01/07/2010 08:16 AM, Alex Zeffertt wrote:
Mike Christie wrote:
Thanks for doing this. Sorry for the late reply.

Just one comment on the patch. Could you move the code in the 'n' case

+ case 'n':
+ /*
+ * Bring up NICs required by targets in iBFT
+ * using IP addresses and routing info from iBFT.
+ */


to some helper function, so it is not so crowed and a little easier to

No problem. Please find a new patch attached.

Merged in commit 39f4761231e2aa20b468cd5258785d6f56472772. It should
show up in the git tree in a little bit and in the next major release.

Finally found some time to comment on this one.
In principle this is a good idea; it certainly saves quite some trouble
for eg initrd as we don't have to worry about interface naming etc.

Having iscsiadm setting up the network interfaces we do have the problem
that we're doing it alongside the 'normal' system network configuration.
IE the system hasn't any idea that we've already configured the interface
nor how it should handle it.
This is especially a problem during shutdown, where the networking scripts
are prone to shutdown any unknown interface.
And having the networking scripts calling out to iscsiadm is not earning
us much favours I would assume.

A possible route here would be to modify the networking scripts to check
the ibft variables; however, this requires quite some bit of sysfs tree
walking. And given the somewhat fluctuating nature of sysfs it will earn
us even less favours.

Remember that the context is that this has to be done in the initrd! (You have to bring up the LUNs present in the iBFT to access the root disk, and to do that you need to apply the network configuration in the iBFT.)

You may not be able to do much scripting in the initrd. In particular Redhat initrds use an interpreter called nash which is hopeless for scripting - you can't even assign an environment variable in nash! Adding one line which says "iscsistart -n" is much simpler.

Most distro's shutdown scripts will only shutdown interfaces if they have been explicitly configured. So to avoid the interface being shutdown (and thereby breaking the root disk) it should just be sufficient to just not write ifcfg-ethN (or equivalent for your distro).

It would be cool if we had an 'ibft' link in the network interface, though ...
Hmm. Maybe I can trick Kay Sievers into doing one ...

But apart from that is a pretty cool thing.
It especially fixes the problem we have right now that changes in the
iBFT BIOS are not picked up once the machines are installed.


 -- Alex



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