On 01/19/2010 11:07 AM, dave wrote:
I've been using Debian with a custom 2.6.18 kernel config, then doing
a 'make install' of open-iscsi daemon and modules. I am switching to
CentOS 5.4 with a custom kernel config based on 2.6.18 (specifically
http://wiki.openvz.org/Download/kernel/rhel5/028stab066.10 ).

Should I install the modules and daemon of 2.0-871 from open-
iscsi.org, or should I just install the iscsi-initiator-utils from the
yum repo of CentOS 5.4? How can I make sure I have the most stable
iscsi modules and daemon?

I would use the centos code if you want stability. If you want features then use the open-iscsi.org code. I backport features and fixes from upstream/open-iscsi.org/kernel.org to RHEL, then Centos picks them up. I normally get the critical bug fixes, but do not get all the features because the risk to port the feature would be too great.
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