You were exactly right, I had the file already but didn't know what was
supposed to go there. I've been pretty unsuccessful at understanding all
this so far. This time it replied exactly like you said it would, my only
question is what now.

If you have a link that would give me some more instructions I'm happy to
read up, I just haven't found anything that has the things I've been looking

Thanks very much again for your help

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 3:48 PM, Mike Christie <> wrote:

> On 01/19/2010 02:32 PM, Billy Ronie wrote:
>> Forgive any typos since I'm working in the vsphere client window I can't
>> copy out the message, but here is the reply I get from that command.
>> iscsiadm: Cannot perform discovery. Initiatorname required.
>> iscsiadm: Discovery process to failed to create a
>> discovery
>> session
>> iscsiadm: Could not perform SendTargets discovery.
>> Thanks for your quick replies I've been stuck on this for hours with no
>> luck.
> In /var/log/messages do you see something from iscsid about missing
> Initiatorname or missing initiatorname.iscsi file? It should be there around
> the time you do service iscsi start? Or do you see something about missing
> iscsi modules or missing or invalud version and something about
> scsi_transport_iscsi?
> To install this did you do "make install"? If so you should have a file
> under /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi and in that file you should have a line
> Initiatorname=iqn.2001-08.something.something
> If you do not, then create one and instead of something.something add
> whatever you want the name to be.
> Then start the iscsi service
> /etc/init.d/open-iscsi start
> that should start iscsid which should read the initiatorname.iscsi and load
> all the iscsi modules including scsi_transport_iscsi.
> Then run the discovery command again.
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