On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 12:20:03AM -0800, Benjamin Li wrote:
> Hi Ciprian,
> Thanks for the additional information, there are a couple of notes with
> this offload technique.
> 1.  The route/device CNIC will choose is based off the host routing
> table.  (The CNIC uses the kernel function ip_route_output_key() to
> determine the device to use.  This function can possibly return devices
> with assigned IP addresses but are down'ed)  Could you also provide your
> host routing table along with the IP address used by your network
> devices too?  When looking at the routing table does it look like CNIC
> is choosing the correct device to offload?

Hmm.. will this cause problems with Equallogic storage? 
Equallogic prefers having all the initiators (and targets) in the same IP 

ie. you might have multipath configuration like this on the initiator system:


And open-iscsi connects to the same target IP (Equallogic group redirection IP) 
from both interfaces. Target IP might be

This works well with the non-offloaded open-iscsi over tcp. You can specify the
ethernet interface for each open-iscsi ifaceX by using the ifacename.

-- Pasi

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