On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 11:59:12AM -0500, Paul Koning wrote:
> > Hmm.. will this cause problems with Equallogic storage?
> > Equallogic prefers having all the initiators (and targets) in the same
> > IP subnet.
> Not quite.  It supports both single and multi subnet configurations.
> (There are some specific rules for multi subnet configurations which are
> documented.)
> If people don't know of a reason why they should use multi subnet, we
> suggest the use of single subnet because it is easier to set up, but
> it's a stretch to call that a preference.  And in any case, whatever you
> call it, a multi subnet configuration correctly constructed will not
> cause problems.

Ok, maybe 'prefers' was too strong wording :) 

And yeah, I knew you can do multi-subnet, but it seems many are using EQL 
only with a single subnet.

Now let's hope bnx2i works OK with single subnet aswell :)

-- Pasi

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