On 02/01/2010 09:19 AM, TomyOnRails wrote:
Nope, it should be sufficient with the IP address from the initiator.
I tried using CHAP and still no workie :(
Where in the logs can I see if the target is not sending targets?

If iscsiadm does not get any targets it just dot return any targets.

In the debug output we see this:

rc 1
> > iscsiadm: read 48 bytes of PDU header
> > iscsiadm: read 48 PDU header bytes, opcode 0x24, dlength 0, data
> > 0x2d14670, max 32768
> > iscsiadm: discovery session to received text
> > response, 0 data bytes, ttt 0xffffffff, final 0x80

In the text response to our sendtargets text request, the target just sends a pdu with nothing in it (0 data bytes).

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