On 1 Feb 2010 at 11:52, Mike Christie wrote:

> I was not sure though if I should check if any cmds to the target made 
> progress or if any cmds to the same disk. It could be that just one disk 
> went bad, so we might want to check per disk. However, this could be the 
> first IO to the disk and it just got stuck behind a bunch of other IO to 
> other disks, so in that case we want to check per target.

I'm no specialist on SCSI, but I think there is a "command abort" as 
well as a "target abort" command. So when there are multiple 
outstanding commands, you should not abort the target as long as a 
single command for that target is making any progress (and you should 
re-arm the target abort timer (if such a thing exists)), but if none of 
the commands for a specific target is making any progress, you should 
either try a target abort or abort each command.

As said above, my view on SCSI may be wrong...


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