On 03/22/2010 08:59 AM, dr.fersken wrote:
Hi list,

Hope this is the place to ask.
I've been using 
to setup serveral systems in the past.

Under load, I'm seeing occasional controller resets, and then some i/o
timeouts on disks owned by the controller being reset.

What kind of timeouts are you seeing? Are they on the initiator and if so can you send the /var/log/messages? If there are nop/ping iscsi timeouts then it may be a bug, where open-iscsi was too agressive in determining if there was a timeout.

Now I'm told by Dell support that the rdac module on their support cd
is modified specifically for the md3000i, which is why I'm
experiencing these problems.

is the rdac module scsi_dh_rdac or dm-rdac or what is the name of the module?

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