I am new to iSCSI and FilerSystems, but I am evaluating if it makes sense for 
our clients.

So I set up my testlab and created a KVM Server with 3 instances, 

2 x Ubuntu (one for Zimbra LDAP, one for Zimbra Mailserver)
1 x Ubuntu (with some OpenVZ virtual machines in it)

These 3 KVM instances have RAW LVM disks which are on a Volume in the iSCSI 

I tried yesterday to reboot the filer, without doing anything to the KVM 
Machines, to simulate outage/human error.

The reboot is fine and the iSCSI targets get exposed, but the KVM Servers have 
their filesystems mounted readonly.

Is there any way to get the LVM volumes on the KVM Server machine or inside the 
KVM Virtualized servers back to R/W mode?

I could not figure it out, vgchange -aly <storage> on the KVM server did not 
change anything. 

Is the only way to handle this situation with a cold-reset of the KVM Guests? 
As a reboot command was taking very long, i guess because of the RO mounts i 
had to reset them.

A push in the right direction regarding, e.g. doku, or any help is very 

Thank you,

     Open Source It Consulting
Email: r...@runsolutions.com

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Edificio Estel - Local 3D
07121 -  Palma de Mallorca

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