Sorry for the delay. I am almost done. Should have some comments later tonight.

Did you have a patch to modify cxgb3i?

On 05/15/2010 12:24 PM, Rakesh Ranjan wrote:

The following 3 patches add a new iscsi LLD driver cxgb4i to enable iscsi 
support on Chelsio's new 1G and 10G cards. This is updated version of previous 
patch. Please share you commnets after review.

Changes since cxgb4i_v3.1
1. Abastract libcxgbi library common part more properly.
2. Fixed few packet sequence calculation bugs.
3. compile-time initialization of cplhandlers
4. Removed the private mail address from patches from field

[PATCH 1/3] cxgb4i_v3: add build support
[PATCH 2/3] cxgb4i_v3: main driver files
[PATCH 3/3] cxgb4i_v3: iscsi and libcxgbi library for handling common part

Rakesh Ranjan

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