On 07/14/2010 03:59 AM, Ulrich Windl wrote:
Sean S<sstra...@gmail.com>  schrieb am 13.07.2010 um 20:41 in Nachricht
I'm running an iscsi root partition for a CentOS machine running a
2.6.18-53 kernel. Every couple of days I get the error:

connection1:0 detected conn error (1011)
session1: session recovery timed out after 400 sec


I cannot answer your question, but that brings up something I wanted to talk 
about. Please apologize if something already exists, but I don't know:

In HP-UX 11.31 you can print "scan times" per device (i.e. LUN). Here's an 
example for a true FC-SAN:
Class     I  H/W Path  ms_scan_time
lunpath   3  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x0                 0 min 0 sec 13 ms
lunpath  24  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4001000000000000  0 min 0 sec 88 ms
lunpath  73  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4002000000000000  0 min 0 sec 88 ms
lunpath  25  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4003000000000000  0 min 0 sec 88 ms
lunpath  74  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4009000000000000  0 min 0 sec 88 ms
lunpath  26  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4033000000000000  0 min 0 sec 88 ms
lunpath  88  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4037000000000000  0 min 0 sec 88 ms
lunpath  79  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x403d000000000000  0 min 0 sec 91 ms
lunpath  27  0/3/1/0.0x50001fe1500c1f28.0x4047000000000000  0 min 0 sec 91 ms
lunpath  63  0/7/1/0.0x500308c001d83803.0x4001000000000000  0 min 0 sec 11 ms
lunpath  64  0/7/1/0.0x500308c001d83803.0x4002000000000000  0 min 0 sec 11 ms
lunpath  65  0/7/1/0.0x500308c001d83803.0x4003000000000000  0 min 0 sec 11 ms
lunpath  66  0/7/1/0.0x500308c001d83803.0x4004000000000000  0 min 0 sec 536 ms

If Linux/open-iscsi had something similar, one could periodically watch the times to find 
bottlenecks. AFAIK, the "scan time" in HP-UX is the round-trip delay for 
querying a LUN or a controller (a target?).

Did you want to find bottlenecks in the network or between the initiator and actual device or initiator and target?

Erez, was adding some code where it exports the iscsi nop/ping times. The nop/ping we send has a header of 48 bytes and no data payload. It does not have do any disk/device IO. So this is nice for testing the network.

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