On 10/01/2010 04:28 PM, JonathanGnagy wrote:
I've got an iSCSI SAN with two controllers (IBM DS3300). Both
controllers are in the same subnet (lets say I have
the same targets / nodes with the same IQN available on both
controllers (lets say and, but I've only
figured out how to attach my servers (running CentOS 5.5) to attach to
one controller at a time. I'm not using any authentication or
anything, and when I run discover, I see both portals. I'd like iscsid
on the servers to either load-balance or fail over from one to the
other, but it's not working that way. How can I make this work?

There is not iscsi level multipath. You have to log into both portals, then use something like dm-multipath and multipath-tools (in RHEL the rpms is called device-mapper-multipath-tools) to load balance or failover across the iscsi paths.

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