On 10/06/2010 04:54 AM, Ulrich Windl wrote:
Some random comments:

1) What will be the default value for the new timeout?

Not, sure yet. Suggestions?

2) I think this should be at least KERN_WARN(ing):
+       iscsi_cls_session_printk(KERN_INFO, session,
+                                "session dev loss timed out after %d secs\n",
+                                session->dev_loss_tmo);

3) As FC hardly ever looses packets or suffers from variable delays, it's much 
easier to timeout an FC device than a TCP device (IMHO)

4)  With Linux an non-persistent device names, frequent remove and re-add of 
devices should be avoided if possible (In other operating systems the same 
device file may re-appear if the device comes back online)

Linux has persistent names in /dev/disk that should be used with iscsi.

We do the initial scan and login in parallel, so you should be using those names now.

5) I hope (i.e. I have no idea about it) that outstanding requests for a device 
that is going to be removed are removed cleanly before as well.

What do you mean by cleanly? It should not leak and there should not be oopes. You will get IO errors like you do when the replacement/recovery timeout expires since at this time we cannot execute IO. It is basically a iscsiadm -m ... -u when the session is down, but the session does not get destroyed. Instead it stays around and tries to relogin. If it loggs back in, we rescan the session and re-add devices.

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