On 10/26/2010 04:04 AM, Or Gerlitz wrote:
Andrea Sperelli wrote:
The problem is that with dm-mulltipath driver on Linux, we can login
to eache target but each Linux iscsi session is always connected on
the same SAN network interface. Example: Linux: 2 nic San: 4 nic If I
login to the target T, I have 2 iscsi session, one. for each Linux
network card. Both iscsi session are connected on only one lefthand's
san network card. We can not obtain two real path, it work only for
linux network card redundancy.
Hi Andrea,

Reading your initial post, I saw that on the SAN side you have one VIP
and four NICs, where the login is done to the VIP and then redirected to
one of the NICs. If the SAN device would have use some sort of
load-balancing in its redirection logic, such that in your case each
session would have used a different NIC also on the SAN side, will that
solve the problem?

That is what he is saying does not work well. In his example he has created 2 sessions but they both go to the same target portal instead of being spread over 2 target portals.

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