Hi all,

I have an iSCSI target, runing tgt which works fine with (tested for
example with Win,VMWare ect.)
Now I want to setup a Linux initiator running open-iscsi but the block
device /dev/sdX is not created. Discovery an login works fine so far,
here's the log from iscsid:

iscsid: in kstart_conn
iscsid: in __kipc_call
iscsid: in kwritev
iscsid: in nlpayload_read
iscsid: in nlpayload_read
iscsid: scanning host19 from pid 8774
iscsid: Connection3:0 to [target: iqn.2011-03.de.XXXX.in:iscsi-
backup.target1.lun1, portal: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX,3260] through [iface:
iface] is operational now
iscsid: iscsid: scanning host19
thread removed

iscsid: scanning host19 completed

iscsid: mgmt_ipc_write_rsp: rsp to fd 5
iscsid: reaped pid 8774, reap_count now 0

I testes some different distributions and it works fine (including the
creation of /dev/sdX) on CentOS/RedHat but for example Ubuntu and
ArchLinux it won't work.

Has anyone some tips/ideas how to solve this, please?

kindly regards,

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