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+/* Only for primary ACB, secondary ACB not supported
+ * iface_num = 0: valid ->  linklocal, routable, router, autocfg options
+ * iface_num = 1: valid ->  routable
+ */
+static inline void qla4xxx_set_ipv6(struct iscsi_net_param *net_param,
+               struct addr_ctrl_blk *init_fw_cb)
+       switch (net_param->param_type) {
+               if (net_param->iface_num&  0x1) {

Is this my mailer?

I think you want to check for iface_num == 1. Above in the function comments and in other places you set the iface_num as a int, but in this function you check it more like a bitmask.

+               if (net_param->iface_num&  0x1)

+               if (net_param->iface_num&  0x1)

+               /* Autocfg applies to even interface */
+               if (net_param->iface_num&  0x1)

However, in other places you have that comment about even applying to autocfg interfaces.

Why does it say even but you only support 2 ipv6 ifaces in the patches? Can you support more? Are you coding it in preparation for more?


+static int
+qla4xxx_set_net_config(struct Scsi_Host *shost, char *data, int count)
+       struct scsi_qla_host *ha = to_qla_host(shost);
+       int rval = 0;
+       struct iscsi_net_param *net_param = NULL;
+       struct addr_ctrl_blk *init_fw_cb = NULL;
+       dma_addr_t init_fw_cb_dma;
+       struct addr_ctrl_blk *acb = NULL;
+       dma_addr_t acb_dma;
+       uint32_t ddb_state;
+       struct ddb_entry *ddb_entry, *ddbtemp;
+       unsigned long wait_time;
+       uint32_t mbox_cmd[MBOX_REG_COUNT];
+       uint32_t mbox_sts[MBOX_REG_COUNT];
+       uint32_t total_param_count;
+       uint32_t length;
+       init_fw_cb = dma_alloc_coherent(&ha->pdev->dev,
+           sizeof(struct addr_ctrl_blk),&init_fw_cb_dma, GFP_KERNEL);
+       if (!init_fw_cb) {
+               printk(KERN_ERR
+                   "scsi(%ld): %s: Unable to alloc init_cb\n",
+                   ha->host_no, __func__);

ql4_printk instead of printk. Check in other parts of patches too.

And remember to remove debugging printks or make what looking debug printks more informative and use ql4_printk.

When we set the net settings we reset the port, right? What is the max length of time that could take? Like if you set DHCP, do we wait for that to timeout and what is longest we wait?

It was orignally designed to be singled threaded non blocking, so you are stopping everything here.

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