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There has been a lot of talks in the past about incorporating uIP into
the vanilla open-iscsi package (or so we called making uIP upstream)
instead of just having it be distro specific.  Our plan is to break
this effort down into a few steps and I like to hear your opinion about

uIP is coded as a multi-threaded binary while open-iscsi is still
single threaded.  Ideally and ultimately, we would want uIP and
open-iscsi to run as a single binary in an multi-threaded environment.
However, I think we should approach that goal one step at a time as

(a) Upstream as 2 separate binaries first so uIP can still run the same
way (multi-threaded) while open-iscsi can still run the same way as a
single threaded binary.

(b) Convert uIP to run as a static library.  Use a wrapper for uIP so
it can still run as separate binaries.  At this time, other vendors can
participate in customizing uIP for their own needs.

(c) Unified the two to run as a single binary.  This would require a lot
of integration between uIP and open-iscsi (ex: socket communication,
common logging, stdout, etc.).  We can foresee there will be many timing
issues arise.  This will be the final step toward unification.

As indicated in (a) above, we would like to see if we can upstream the
latest uIP that we have as-is which contains various fixes in addition
to features like IPv6 NDP, Static/DHCPv6, logrotate, etc.  Then we would
proceed to update the code as we progress through the steps described

This also means that the corresponding uip patches in the distros are
also to be incorporated in the package by default.

Please let us know if this approach is acceptable so we can move on with
the integration.


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