Hi all,

i have a problem using open-iscsi.
I'm using debian (squeeze), open-iscsi is the one from debian

I'm trying to build a raid1 fs (with zfs or btrfs) with 2 disks.

The 2 disks are prensented over iscsi by 2 differents host :

Host1 presents disk1
Host2 presents disk2

On my initiator (using open-iscsi), i can discover and loggin, so that
i have two new devices : /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc

On my first loggin, Host1:disk1 was /dev/sdb, Host2:disk2 was /dev/
The thing is when i reboot, or just restart open-iscsi, this
configuration change. host1:disk1 become /dev/sdc, host2:disk2 become /

This is random, and i did not find anything to fix this.

I tryed to create a file /var/lib/open-iscsi/bindings with those

0       0       iqn.host1:disk1-lun-0
0       1       iqn.host2:disk2-lun-0

but it did not work either.

Any idea/help/docs regarding this ?

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