the problem I am having is, that luckily I was able to correctly set-
up the whole iSCSI-environment, the disk is successfully mounted on my
initiator and everything seemed to be as expected.
However, when I now copy a file from the initiator to the target (via
the mounted folder) I can see this file afterwards only on the
initiator, but not on the target. Means, I open a Terminal on the
target and take a look what is available on the disk, but
unfortunately the disk is still shown as empty, despite showing the
file being there via the Initiator.
While copying I took a look in Wireshark and it was shown that the
transfer really is happening, but the file still isn't there!!
What could be the problem? Is it maybe because my shared disk is
formatted with ext3? This shouldn't be the problem however, since the
tutorial found under ( 
) also suggested this file system.


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