On 06/21/2011 11:49 AM, Eddie Wai wrote:
> This patch breaks the SCSI cmd completion into two parts:
> 1. The bh will allocate and queued work to the cmd specific CPU IO
> completion kthread.  The CPU for the cmd is recorded in task_xmit.
> 2. The CPU specific IO completion kthread will call the scsi_cmd_resp
> routine to do the actual cmd completion.

I think you should use blkio poll. Modify it so it does what you want.
But I think since other drivers are getting in without converting then
that can wait.

>  struct bnx2i_cmd {
>       struct iscsi_hdr hdr;
> @@ -215,6 +222,7 @@ struct bnx2i_cmd {
>       struct io_bdt io_tbl;
>       dma_addr_t bd_tbl_dma;
>       struct bnx2i_cmd_request req;
> +     u32 cpu;

You can just use scsi_cmnd->request->cpu

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