Mike Christie wrote:
>Was v3 supposed to have the coding style fixups?
>You can catch most of them by running the patches over the kernel's
>checkpatch.pl script (I attached it here). I have this setup so it is
run when I am
>merging a patch. It is still spitting out errors for your set. You can
ignore the
>_func_ one, but there are some 80 cols and some spacing ones.

I was confused for a while since the only other checkpatch.pl issue I
was seeing in my 4-patch series was another minor 80-char overrun, until
I also looked at my other submission, the "Leading Login" support most
recently posted as a "Patch v2" in a separate thread.  The leading-login
patch did indeed have a couple more 80-char infractions and some other
spacing errors, though in my defense all the (* login_fn) were cut&paste
from existing code so I had thought they would also be safe to ignore.

So I've re-cleaned this leading-login patch and the multisession series.
The only checkpatch.pl warning now is the __func__ one.

And rather than fighting with my SMTP server again, I've just pushed
everything here:

Please pull and merge the tag 'submitted/leading_login_v4'

Jim Ramsay

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