On 07/08/2011 05:09 AM, Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> Which iSCSI params from the list below (from iscsiadm -m session -P 2)
> can be re-negotiated / set again when the root partition is on a iSCSI
> disk, i.e. when the session has been established during initrd?
> HeaderDigest: None
> DataDigest: None
> MaxRecvDataSegmentLength: 131072
> MaxXmitDataSegmentLength: 8192
> FirstBurstLength: 65536
> MaxBurstLength: 262144
> ImmediateData: Yes
> InitialR2T: Yes
> MaxOutstandingR2T: 1

They all can be re-negotiated for. The problem is that you have to force
a relogin of the session. I think the only way to do that would be to
stop iscsid then restart it. This is going to be difficult for root on
iscsi since iscsid will need to be in memory and so will the iscsi db
(/etc/iscsi/* or /var/lib/iscsi - location depends on distro).

If you just wanted to use one set of values in the initramfs then when
iscsid starts up from the init scripts then you can have the new values
in a record and when iscsid starts it will use them.

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