On 07/27/2011 06:25 PM, Farhan Ahmed wrote:
> Thanks Mike, Yes I have set right kernel values of rp_filter, please find
> the attached file which includes debug output,tcpdump and command output.
> Discovery works fine for eth3 but iscsiadm cant login though. I can see the
> packets are coming in/out at right interface eth3

Are you seeing packets going through eth3 when you run the iscsiadm
login command or discovery?

I tested this here and confirmed it at least works for me. In the iscsid
-d 8 -f & log we want to see a line like:

iscsid: Binding session -1 to eth5

that which indicates we are doing binding instead of just using the
default routing.

(my iscsi iface is for eth5 you should see eth3). In the iscsiadm.txt
outpout I did not see that line so for some reason the normal session is
not getting bound to the proper iface.

So send the info I was asking about in the other mail and could you also
send the output of

iscsiadm -m iface -I eth3

For discovery if you did

iscsiadm -m discovery -t st  -p ip -I eth3 -d 8

then you would see a similar "Binding session" line indicating we are
binding the session to a iface.

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