Thanks, Mike for the valuable information. I will try both: dm-multipath
and the redirection.

On 05/08/11 01:03, Mike Christie wrote:
> On 08/02/2011 06:19 AM, Sebastian Riemer wrote:
>> This is the sequence:
>> 1. pause the VM
>> 2. unlink replication to new location, new target becomes primary
>> 3. logout from old iSCSI target
>> 4. login to new iSCSI target, BUT with the same block device as it is
>> held open
> The problem with 3 and 4 and using the iscsi disk directly and not using
> something like iscsi login redirect, is that on logout the device
> (/dev/sdXYZ) is going to be destroyed, so if something was referencing
> it they are basically screwed. All further access with result in IO errors.
> When you do #4 and login you get a new /dev/sdXYZ and so your app has to
> open that and use it.
> If your setup can just use dm-multipath then you can just multipath over
> iscsi. When you logout it would just destroy what the multipath device
> sees as a path. Then when you login, it will add it as a new path. You
> can then resume the VM and it would never know that the paths under the
> multipath device got swithced around.
>> Does iSCSI target redirection work without stopping VMs?
> Yeah, it should. But we can only redirect to another portal. If you are
> looking at the open iscsi userspace source code see
> usr/login.c:iscsi_update_address and initiator.c's
> __check_iscsi_status_class's ISCSI_LOGIN_STATUS_TGT_MOVED_PERM handling.
> So the target name would have to be the same but the portal info could
> be different.

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