On 08/11/2011 10:39 AM, Francis Margelidon wrote:
> Hello,
> My host is a Debian Squeeze.
> I have a problem with open-iscsi since I would to connect iscsi target
> automaticaly. I had the following line in /etc/fstab :
> /dev/sdc      /mnt      ext3    _netdev     0    0
> But when I make update-rc.d openvswitch defaults    (openvswitch it's
> a script that I create) I got :
> There is a loop between service mountall and open-iscsi if started
> and my script is not update to boot and I know how to fix it.

Is the open-iscsi scprit part of debian's iscsi tools package or from
open-iscsi.org/kernel.org's tarball?

Does your openvswich and the open-iscsi script have proper LSB headers
at the top of the script?

Are there dependencies between the 2 scripts?

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