On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 19:30:08 -0600, Mike Christie wrote:
If you do not use ifaces does it work?


Could you send the iscsid log for that?


Did you change the rp_filter?

Ehhh, no? That's the iptables thing? Then no.

No. Something changed in newer kernels, so you have to set that value
now when using ifaces.

Ok, it's "always" been set to '1'.

Could you also try a newer version of open-iscsi?

I'll try. But it's higly probable that this is a 64bit kernel/32bit
userland problem...

Normally though we would be failing in some iscsi command to the kernel.
In your logs we are failing before we even hit the 32/64 issue.

Ok, so that's somewhat good news :). Thanx.

or maybe you are doing something like iscsi root boot

I am not.

and you are using old
tools without also setting CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED=y and
CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2=y in your kernel .config (the new tools
should work instead of building with the depreciated config options).

----- s n i p -----
celia:~# uname -a
Linux celia 3.0.8+TF.1 #2 SMP Wed Nov 9 18:38:24 CET 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux
celia:~# grep CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED /boot/config-`uname -r`
----- s n i p -----
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