On 01/11/2012 02:55 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> On 01/11/2012 01:14 PM, Patrick Mullaney wrote:
>> I tried this patch and iscsid ends up in a tightloop in the kernel. I
>> attempted some
>> basic debugging and it definitely gets beyond my previous issue but then
>> locks.
>> I also attempted to change the patch around such that the netlink socket
>> that
>> gets create per net namespace is kept with the namespace and accessed off
>> that structure. I wanted to avoid the locking. While this works, it appears
>> to
>> crash elsewhere sometime after nlmsg_multicast(no stacktrace gets generated
>> unfortunately).
>> I had some general questions after doing this. Is the traversal of and send
>> on the per net
>> namespace sockets needed? I'm new to the code, but it seems like these
>> might need
>> to be isolated from one another?
> I actually thought that we only wanted to send to specific sockets, but
> I was looking at some other patches that added namespace support and
> they did the loop so that is why I ended up adding it. I need to do some
> more investigation.

Oh yeah, I thought sending to all the sockets would be ok because iscsid
would end up figuring things out. That is why in the other mail I was
saying it would not be efficient but hopefully would get us working.

Do you know lxc though do we need the iscsi sysfs code to be per namespace?

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