I apologize for the long release cycle. It has been too long. I have put
up a new open-iscsi release here:

Most notable new feature is support for Qlogic qla4xxx if you are using
the 3.4 kernel. See section "5.1.2 Setting up a iface for a iSCSI
offload card" for details on how to set it up. If you have used
be2iscsi/cxgb*i/bnx2i or software iscsi with iscsi ifaces then the setup
will be similar.

Note that if you are using qla4xxx for your boot/root disk then you will
want to use the default value for qla4xxx's ql4xdisablesysfsboot
modparam. You can use iscsiadm/iscsid for non root/boot disks then. This
is needed because most distros do not have iscsiadm/iscsid boot support
for qla4xxx.

You can also use iscsiadm to setup the networking with be2iscsi in the
3.4 kernel (VLAN setup with iscsiadm is not yet supported with be2iscsi
due to a last minute bug).

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