On 06/13/2012 02:19 AM, hemu wrote:
> Hi,
> we are using virttual  machine as NFS running cent os 5.0 & once in a
> week week the iscsi lun becomes read only the log from cent os is
> attached please suggest
> Hemant
> Jun 12 23:07:43 NFSMAIL kernel: session1: session recovery timed out
> after 120 secs

Something happens to your network or target and we cannot connect to it
for over 2 minutes (the node.session.timeo.replacement_timeout). When
node.session.timeo.replacement_timeout seconds goes by the iscsi layer
will fail IO that is queued. And from there you will get IO errors up
the stack.

If this happens a lot you should use something like dm-multipath.

You also at the very least, if not using dm-multipath, increase the

It looks like we are able to reach the target again at 23:08:17. After
you see those messages where we can at least reach the target but are
getting access issues, are we able to connect to the target again?

> (Connection refused)
> Jun 12 23:08:17 NFSMAIL iscsid: connect to failed
> (Connection refused)
> Jun 12 23:08:21 NFSMAIL iscsid: connect to failed
> (Connection refused)

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