In order to further dig into performance issues we're seeing, I am trying 
to correlate individual iSCSI connections with specific TCP connections.  I 
don't want to negatively impact performance more than it already is so I 
was hoping to find a means for this that didn't require increasing the log 
level.  I haven't found this recorded under 
/sys/class/iscsi_connection/connection[number] or under 
/var/lib/iscsi/nodes/[IQN]/[target_ip:port]/[interface].  I would expect it 
to be fairly simple and hopefully it's just eluding me - ultimately I would 
like to correlate this specific connection with an entry in `netstat 
-anvpt` that is itself associated with iscsid.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Jeff Caughel

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