Version 2:
- Added boot_initiator to hold the ibft initiator name
- Added boot_targetN to hold the corresponding ibft target name
- Moved the boot_nic net param extraction to the iscsi_sysfs_read_iface
- Added extra check before eluding to use the boot_nic info
For the case when iscsid is invoked for the first time after pivot root
during iSCSI boot, the boot connection would fail to re-connect if the
ibft/iscsi_boot sysfs entry contains tagged vlan.
The problem was caused by the lack of such info in the iscsi_session sysfs
for sync_session to inherit from.
The enclosed patchset does the following:
1. Extract and save the ibft->ethernetN name to the boot_context->boot_nic
2. Pass the boot_nic info to be saved to the sessionN sysfs
3. Extract the sessionN boot_nic sysfs info and retrieve the corresponding
   net params
This 'boot_nic' kernel session sysfs entry will only be present for ibft
boot.  Corresponding kernel drivers will have to add the ISCSI_PARAM_BOOT_NIC
attribute to its attr_is_visible table.

The last patch provides the fix for the unconditional overwrite of the
iface struct even after the ibft net info was already extracted.

Please review.  Thanks.

Eddie Wai (3):
  ISCSISTART: Saved ibft boot info to the session sysfs
  ISCSID: Added the extraction of the session boot info
  ISCSID: Added iface content override fix

 include/fw_context.h               |    3 ++
 include/iscsi_if.h                 |    4 +++
 usr/config.h                       |    3 ++
 usr/idbm.c                         |    6 +++++
 usr/initiator_common.c             |   14 +++++++++++-
 usr/iscsi_sysfs.c                  |   40 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 usr/iscsid.c                       |    8 ++----
 utils/fwparam_ibft/fwparam_sysfs.c |   15 +++++++++++++
 8 files changed, 87 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)


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