On 10/28/2012 11:42 PM, Lisa Marie wrote:
> I've attached the below patches which can be applied to both the kernel
> and the open-iscsi client. They have been tested on
> x86/x86 user/kernel, and a x86/x86_64 user/kernel. This still needs to
> be tested on an x86_64/x86_64 user/kernel as well as any
> other system that has a 32bit userspace and a 64bit kernel.

Thanks a lot for the patch.

The problem with these type of patches has not been that we cannot find
a solution that works on new setups with the patches. The problem is
that we are not allowed to merge patches in the upstream kernel that
break existing setups. For example if the user has only upgraded the
kernel or only upgraded userspace tools, then we cannot break their
setups. This patch does not work on 32 bit kernels/userpsace if the
users only updates the tools.

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