Okay still learning. Sorry about the dumb newb questions on this subject. 
The only docs I have found so far are the man pages... So let's get down to 
brass tacks shall we?

I have 3 CentOS 6.3 64 bit boxes, one running an eSATA RAID array and 
acting as an iSCSI target, the other two are iSCSI initiators. The 
initiators share a file a GFS2 filesystem, and everything works great, 
until either the target, or one of the initiators is rebooted for something 
like a kernel patch...

If an initiator gets rebooted, it has to be logged off of the target, the 
session rescanned, and then logged back in, THEN it all seems to work well 
again. This is true for both initiators, if the target gets rebooted for 
the same kernel patch, well BOTH initiators need the procedure done to 
bring storage back online...

I can script this no problem, but I was wondering if there was something 
else in my configuration I could do to make the ISCSI daemon do this during 
startup / shutdown?

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