Hi Mike:

I am testing the new version of open-iscsi on SLES 11 SP3 Beta.
This is the update I did to support IPv6, with your help.

I am validating the IPv6 functionality, and I seem to be experiencing
double-discovery of my IPv6 target.

My setup: I have an iscsitarget soft target. The IPv6 Link-local address
of that node is fe80::221:ccff:fe6f:1a11.

When I run the discovery command:

    iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p fe80::221:ccff:fe6f:1a11

I get the same node discovered twice:


If I happen to run the discovery command with "-l", I get two sessions
connected to the same target -- not what I intended.

I have the output from running the discovery command with "-d 8",
but it is 32k, so I hesitate to include it inline.

My interface file for this is in /etc/iscsi/ifaces/em1-ipv6, contents:

    face.net_ifacename = em1
    face.ipaddress = fe80::92b1:1cff:fe80:660f
    iface.transport_name = tcp
    iface.state = enable

Another note: when I use IPv6 discovery on this same target, I get only
one discovery record.

Any idea why I am getting this IPv6 double discovery?
Am I using the interface file incorrectly?
Lee Duncan

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