Patch provided by Mike Christie.

This patch fixes the unconditional overwrite of the iface struct
even when the corresponding iface info from the node config was
found and extracted.

Signed-off-by: Eddie Wai <>
 usr/iscsid.c |    8 +++-----
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/usr/iscsid.c b/usr/iscsid.c
index b4bb65b..b912b58 100644
--- a/usr/iscsid.c
+++ b/usr/iscsid.c
@@ -111,9 +111,7 @@ setup_rec_from_negotiated_values(node_rec_t *rec, struct 
session_info *info)
        strlcpy(rec->name, info->targetname, TARGET_NAME_MAXLEN);
        rec->conn[0].port = info->persistent_port;
        strlcpy(rec->conn[0].address, info->persistent_address, NI_MAXHOST);
-       memcpy(&rec->iface, &info->iface, sizeof(struct iface_rec));
        rec->tpgt = info->tpgt;
-       iface_copy(&rec->iface, &info->iface);
        iscsi_sysfs_get_negotiated_session_conf(info->sid, &session_conf);
        iscsi_sysfs_get_negotiated_conn_conf(info->sid, &conn_conf);
@@ -238,6 +236,7 @@ static int sync_session(void *data, struct session_info 
                log_warning("Could not read data from db. Using default and "
                            "currently negotiated values\n");
                setup_rec_from_negotiated_values(&rec, info);
+               iface_copy(&rec.iface, &info->iface);
        } else {
                 * we have a valid record and iface so lets merge
@@ -251,13 +250,12 @@ static int sync_session(void *data, struct session_info 
                memset(&sysfsrec, 0, sizeof(node_rec_t));
                setup_rec_from_negotiated_values(&sysfsrec, info);
-                * target, portal and iface name values have to be the same
+                * target, portal and iface values have to be the same
                 * or we would not have found the record, so just copy
-                * CHAP and iface settings.
+                * CHAP settings.
                memcpy(&rec.session.auth, &sysfsrec.session.auth,
                      sizeof(struct iscsi_auth_config));
-               memcpy(&rec.iface, &info->iface, sizeof(rec.iface));
        /* multiple drivers could be connected to the same portal */

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