You need some cluster filesystem for this, or use NFS!


>>> Antonio López<alop...@tid.es> schrieb am 19.04.2013 um 14:22 in Nachricht
> Hello,
> I have a virtual disk shared by a group of two hosts. Both are connecting 
> to the virtual disk correctly, but if I write a file from one host to the 
> virtual disk the other host cannot see it until the virtual disk is 
> unmounted and mounted again. It happens the same from the other host. Both 
> hosts are running linux, one is Ubuntu 10.04 and the other is Fedora 17.
> I am concerned that this behavious can lead to data corruption, as one 
> machine is not aware of changes made on the virtual disk by the other 
> machine.
> Is it possible to fix this issue by tunning any open-iscsi parameter?
> Thanks in advance
> Antonio


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