On 26/06/2013 11:15, Nicholas A. Bellinger wrote:
On Sun, 2013-06-23 at 17:47 +0300, Or Gerlitz wrote:
On 23/06/2013 17:40, Or Gerlitz wrote:

there you go, here's the output

isert_cma_handler: event 4 status 0 conn ffff88011a55d600 id
Entering isert_connect_request cma_id: ffff8801085c5400, context:
Using responder_resources: 1 initiator_depth: 4
Set login_buf: ffff880116a38000 login_req_buf: ffff880116a38000
login_rsp_buf: ffff880116a3a000
Using 3 CQs, device mlx4_0 supports 3 vectors

and here's the initiator output (if you set debug_level=3 for ib_iser)

iser: iser_rcv_completion:op 0x3f itt 0xffffffff dlen 0
iser: iscsi_iser_recv:wrong datalen 48 (hdr), 0 (IB)

This means that LIO sent ISCSI_OP_REJECT (0x3f) and that there's a bug
for reject since the iSCSI header
says there are 48 bytes beyond the BHS but on the wire [1]  there where none

Hi Or & Co,

Ok, sendtargets discovery is now functioning over iser.  The updated
target patches + v2 changelogs are in for-next commits here:


The running initiator + target discovery output is below.  Please go
ahead and give it a shot on your setup.

One thing to note, this currently *only* works with open-iscsi when the
TEXT_RSP payload posted by the target is <= 128 bytes (eg: equal to or
less than the initiator posted ISER_RECV_DATA_SEG_LEN), otherwise a
IB_WC_LOC_LEN_ERR error will be generated by the initiator..

yes, I have started to look on that, checking few options how to solve, will let you know soon.


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