On 07/23/2013 07:32 PM, Tracy Reed wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am running iscsi-initiator-utils- on CentOS release 5.4 
> (will
> patch up at next reboot) initiator to scsi-target-utils-1.0.24-2.el6.x86_64 on
> CentOS 6.4. 
> I have Xen running on the initiator machine with luns from the target machine
> as storage. I actually have two target machines and do software raid1 in the
> VMs. 
> I needed to upgrade one of the target machines so I split the mirrors in the
> VMs and shutdown the target machine, upgraded some disk, reinstalled new OS
> etc. Now when I do /sbin/iscsiadm -m node -R on the initiator machine it 
> hangs.

Did you bring the target back up and if so did you do it with the same
target name?

> The process seems uninterruptable. I can't kill -9 it and it spins using 100%
> of a cpu. I think perhaps before I shutdown the target machine I should have
> logged out the initiator from it. Now I have a bunch of hung processes and I
> can't access new disk volumes because I can't rescan the LUNs. 

What is your replacement/recovery timeout setting in /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf?

It sounds like the scsi scan IO is stuck on a target that disappeared
and never came back, or it is a Centos scsi layer bug. Could you send
the /var/log/messages.

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