1. I have a software target, which can be accessed by 2 computers. My 
   aim is: *switch access computer of the software target*
   2. I have *hacked resolve_address, so every time the initiator will get 
   a different IP*. So if the recovery mechanism is triggered, the access 
   computer is switched
   3. I found that *kill the tcp connection can trigger the recovery 
   mechanism*, so i hacked iscsiadm and mgmt_conn_remove function to close 
   the connection, the code is here: https://gist.github.com/pdu/6265563 BUT 
   this can't work, whether stop_conn or destroy_conn would cause IO error, 
   and destroy_conn returned error.

My question is:

   1. How to close the tcp connection via iscsiadm while doing IO?
   2. How to manually trigger the recovery mechanism via iscsiadm while 
   doing IO?

Thanks the open-iscsi team!!!

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