From: Adheer Chandravanshi <>


Following patches allow iscsiadm to add/update CHAP entry in
adapter's flash.

The kernel changes to support this are posted on linux-scsi
list here:

Please merge these patches to open-iscsi.git tree at your earliest

Adheer Chandravanshi (7):
  flashnode: Add support to set ISCSI_FLASHNODE_CHAP_OUT_IDX param
  iscsiadm: Use '-x' option instead of '-v' to specify chap_tbl_idx
  iscsiadm: Man page changes to use -x option for chap_tbl_idx
  README changes to use long option --index instead of --flashnode_idx
  iscsiadm: Add support to set CHAP entry using host chap mode
  iscsi tools: Correctly get username_in and password_in flashnode
  README changes for adding support to set CHAP entry


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