I have discovered that open-iscsi treats discovery and normal sessions 
differently with respect to login parameters. Regardless of the PDU digest 
settings in the /etc/iscsid.conf configuration file, open-iscsi _always_ 
attempts to establish discovery sessions with digests disabled. Is this by 

For example, my configuration file contains:

node.conn[0].iscsi.HeaderDigest = CRC32C,None

One would reasonably expect that the initiator would use this value for 
session logins. However I have observed that the digest parameter sent by 
the initiator to a given target is _always_ None. For the case that I have 
configured the target to enable CRC32C  digests for the PDU header, the 
discovery login sessions will fail. For subsequent (normal sessions), 
open-iscsi does use the digest values as set in the configuration file.

Note: the iSCSI RFC 3720 does not preclude this behaviour -- distinguishing 
between discovery and normal session login parameters. However I feel it is 
an error to not allow a user of open-iscsi to have control over this.



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