Hi All !

I am just on installing two new debian machines - migrating from windows 
I am installing ZFS on boot [have this running for about two years], but 
iSCSI in my network. If I see the comparision sheet given on the SCST page
on soureforge, you'll never need something else .... but: I could even not 
installation istructions. If I look deeper, there are several different 
forks from LIO
which are - naturally - all the best ones and I am finally completely out 
of hope :-(

Finally, I found this group ;-)
I saw the footer, dated from year 2005.

I need to provide networked disks and CD-ROMs to clients.
Is there someone, who may give me a hint ??
Is there a complete feature-list ?
Does it probably play with ZFS [I have to compile the kernel modules ...] ??
At best, I want to find debian setup instructions.

I am not a zynician, I am out of hope ...

Thanks anyway,


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