On 01/04/10 03:46, lancests wrote:
We are currently developing iSCT, a tool which does iSCSI conformance
test for the target. It's written in Python and can be driven by user-
defined test scripts. Using iSCT, it is easy to identify target
protocol conformance problems in user space during Open-iSCSI

iSCT can be found on our website www.storagetest.com. We are proud if
iSCT can be of any help to Open-iSCSI.

Hello Lance,

Are you aware that an open-source iSCSI conformance test tool already exists ? See also Ronnie Sahlberg, SCSI testing/USB devices are amazing, linux-scsi mailing list, April 2013 (http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.scsi/81622/).


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