On 11/14/2014 01:38 PM, The Lee-Man wrote:
> Hi Mike:
> Here are the updated patches, based on your feedback:
> 0001-Code-cleanup-no-functional-changes.patch
> 0002-Represent-DHCP-origin-as-an-enum-not-a-string.patch
> 0003-fwparam_ibft-Check-iBFT-target-and-NIC-flags.patch
> 0004-Allow-modifications-for-iface.gateway-and-iface.subn.patch
> Changes from last version:
> patch 2: uses an enum now. Not sure if the state should be kept as an
> integer or an enum. feedback welcome

It's fine as is.

> also, the original path 4 was removed, for later discussion (once we get
> prefix-len figured out).

All patches merged and should be up on github.

> Patches are attached (since the groups.google.com interface doesn't
> easily do plain text)

Just use "git send-email"?

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