>>> The Lee-Man <leeman.dun...@gmail.com> schrieb am 24.11.2014 um 18:04 in
Nachricht <dfb5172f-05e8-4027-867e-8e2b1969f...@googlegroups.com>:
> Here's the problem: the submitted patch makes this
> particular use case O(1). You can't get much faster

Are you sure? You modified the compare function used by sort. Even if the list 
is sorted before you add a new entry at the end, more tan one call to the 
compare function is performed (unless I miss the obvious). Typically the best 
you can get is like O(log2(n)) (for binary search)

> than that, i.e. it takes a fixed time no matter how
> many sessions are present.
> The only patches I can come up with make that
> search take O(n). That's because the only

If you search for the extreme value of an unsorted list with n elements, you 
can't beat that. That's why you (build and) sort the list if it's intended to 
be searched more than once, I guess.

> way other than caching to find the "last session
> used" is to search through the session list.

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