On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 5:25 AM, Mike Christie <micha...@cs.wisc.edu> wrote:

> Dropping lsf for iscsi list.
> Sorry about that. I thought I sent this to you. It must have got lost.
> Attached is the kernel changes for session based mq support (patch made
> over linus's tree). It just has the core changes only. I did not yet modify
> iscsi_tcp/libiscsi to bind our threads and sockets to cpus or deal with the
> networking.
> I was waiting to hear back from you about how it could work for ib_iser
> and was waiting to hear back from some hw vendors about how they are going
> to support mq in their hw/fw. So, the queue_id that gets passed in is
> really generic at this point and can map to whatever the transport driver
> wants to map it to (actual hw/fw queue for offload, msix/cpu combo like srp
> for iser, cpu and something else for iscsi_tcp, etc).
> I just hit a bug in the userspace code. Will send that later.
> But yeah, just added a new struct between the host and sessions.

Mike, such a big patch with 0-len change-log... could you come up with 3-4
sentences telling what we have here, would be very much appreciated
(thanks), Or.

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