On 05/20/2015 08:45 PM, Andy Grover wrote:
> On 05/13/2015 03:12 PM, Chris Leech wrote:
>> This is only about the structures and functionality involved in
>> maintaining the
>> iSCSI session, the SCSI host along with it's discovered targets
>> and devices has
>> no association with network namespaces.
>> These patches are functional, but not complete.  There's no
>> isolation enforced
>> in the kernel just yet, so it relies on well behaved userspace.  I
>> plan on
>> fixing that, but wanted some feedback on the idea and approach so
>> far.
> Seems like a good direction, to me.
> What would be the extent of the userspace (open-iscsi) changes
> needed to go along with this?
What I would like to see is to split off iscsid to have one
instance/process per session.
With that we could trivially run open-iscsi in containers and
stufflike; currently it'll be hard as there really is only one
iscsid expected to be running in a system.


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