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Zhu Lingshan

在 2015年6月26日星期五 UTC+8下午2:31:26,LSZhu写道:
> Hi,
> I have been working for iSCSI in SUSE for half a year, I have some basic 
> knowledge of iSCSI. I did some debug  and performance analyze work before.I 
> am quite interested in iSCSI-mq, I am not a expert here, but may I do some 
> contributions for iSCSI-mq? If you need me in somewhere, please let me know.
> In my view, there seems such works need to be done:
> (1) open-iscsi should simulate a multi-queue block device on the initiator 
> side, I mean, /dev/sdc, sdd which simulated by open-iscsi should be 
> multi-queue, just like we want a multi-queue hardware device as a backstore.
> (2)  I/O scheduler is needed in the block layer for multi-queue, for the 
> simulated device mentioned above.
> (3) open-iscsi should establish more than one connections to the target in 
> a session, and a  I/O scheduler is needed here.
> (4) some performance improve work like how to manage multi-queue threads 
> on multiple CPU cores, how to reduce latency, how to create a better 
> pipeline.
> I have heard that on the target LIO side, multi-queue work is done.
> If I am wrong  somewhere, please tell me, I would appreciate for that.
> I know you have did a lot of work for multi-queue, so if you need me 
> somewhere, or I can help in some work, please let me know.
> Thanks
> BR
> Zhu Lingshan

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